Don’t Buy It blog provides a compilation of goods and services that our middle class professional family (Ph.D. mom, artisan dad, obstreperous preschooler, elderly cat) has discovered we are better off without. In some cases we provide D-I-Y, green, and sustainable alternatives (Hello Laundry Detergent!); in other cases we explain why the item in question is simply superfluous (Baby Strollers, we’re talking to you). We also plan to try other people’s suggestions for living more with less, and report back with reviews. (We’re not exactly excited to give up T.P. and shampoo, but sacrifice is what investigative journalism is all about.)

Don’t Buy It Blog also exists, in a larger sense, to try to provide a series of answers to:

  • a disposable, throwaway, credit-card society where the costs are always charged for someone (our kids?) to pay later
  • the loss of unfashionable but traditional skills that we believe will precipitously come back into demand as resources and wealth become harder to come by
  • families who are barely getting by now and need help making ends meet (on welfare, paying two mortgages, living as students or artists or people out of a job — we’ve been there ourselves)
  • families with money who can’t save because their lives are so stressful and their coping skills so limited that luxuries (a cleaning lady, daily restaurant meals, coffee bars) feel like necessities
  • people whose creative skills and desires for personal fulfillment somehow can’t be satisfied, even with extensive retail therapy or other medication.

5 responses

12 04 2009

I really enjoyed reading this. Very resourceful and an easy read! Thanks for sharing!

12 04 2009

Thanks so much, Lisa! I’ve admired and used and been unbelievably grateful for YDF forever! It belongs on my blogroll, am putting it there now. Did you want a coupon? Let me know….

13 04 2009

I would love one if you still have them. Thx!

16 06 2009

Epic common sense. Rocks. Required reading even if at gunpoint.

12 07 2009

Absolutely LOVED your blogs…Just found your site by accident today via MSN and was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be tuning in again to read more soon. Thanks for sharing!

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