No Impact Week Day 1: What We Did on No-Consumption Day

18 10 2009

The Halloween costume, however, was yesterday. Today I began the day throwing things out — I threw a tissue into the trash after blowing my nose, and threw out a maxipad (if that’s TMI, too bad). I was already failing at “no trash” and it wasn’t even six in the morning! Add hankies and reusable maxipads to my to-make list for the day.

Later in the week we’ll officially switch over to local foods, but mostly we’re already there. Floppy made us  local eggs scrambled in local butter with salt and pepper. (He’d never made eggs before. He stood in the kitchen and hollered into the bedroom: “I know what to do; you pound the eggs on the bowl, right?” Then we heard…. “Oh, that’s not good, but at least I got the egg part in the bowl.” We were dying.)

We did some picking up in the morning and did some laundry with our homemade laundry detergent. We had a fire — necessary to keep warm in our energy-inefficient house — but it still bothers me. We looked for couchsurfing possibilities online and made our list for the week.

We had homemade potstickers for lunch, with local King Arthur Flour for the wrappers and lots of vegetables from our CSA for the filling. We also had BLTs made with local bacon, our own No Knead Bread, and the very last garden tomato.

I also had the last of a container of (not local) Ice Cream, and felt angry: Here was this big paper container to throw away. It was a nice container — a round paper cylinder with a lid, sturdy and suitable for …. well, surely something more than ice cream. So I washed it and covered it with tissue paper, using the same decoupage technique I used on the costume button. I’m not sure what I will do with it (Christmas present container), but at least it’s no longer in the trash.

While I was decoupaging, I listened to Reverend Billy’s Hour of Power. Floppy and Dad raked leaves and visited with the neighbors. As I type, I’m listening to Colin Beavan, Wood Turner of Climate Counts, and Matthew Palevsky and Catherine Someone? from Huffington Post discuss No Impact Week live; they plan to have more such discussions tomorrow.

For dinner we’re having homemade pineapple pizza (mostly organic, but not mostly local) and we’ll make candles, do some embroidery, and/or do some cleaning. (Oh, and about the hankies and maxipads? I stuck a clean terry cloth rag in my pants, and a clean cotton rag in my pocket;  I’ll let you know how it works out, but for now I’m glad for a simple solution.)




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