Don’t Buy It: Frivolous Bedroom Accessories

19 05 2009

Sometimes in this space I take on the big issues. Racism, global warming, parenting. Not today.

People buy a lot of trivial crap, so sometimes you need information about how not to buy a lot of trivial crap.

Guest room bedside water pitchers, for example. Talk about trivial crap. But I fervently wanted several of these for some time — the kind that come as a pretty glass carafe with a cup that goes over the top. They were pretty, they were practical in that way that only something wholly unnecessary could be “practical,” and besides that, the cat kept knocking over our water glasses in the night. Kind of a rude awakening.

But I could never justify the expense, and I never saw them on any kind of sale. But trust Martha Stewart to have a wonderful Don’t Buy It alternative: Turn an old-fashioned glass over a Collins glass filled with water. Instant, elegant, simple (cat-proof) pitcher and glass combo.

Not frivolous and trivial enough for you? Ms. Don’t Buy It has always wanted something else that practically defines useless extravagance. Sterling silver doorknobs: I wants them. However, I’ve never found any for sale, not even on Ebay, and even if I did,  well, I can just imagine what they would cost me. But if I can’t buy that, well at least I can make this:

As craft projects go, this wasn’t difficult. We removed the unbelievably cheap and crappy Home Depot brass doorknob from the door with a screwdriver, and attached buttons and charms and beads from the button box and craft stash with epoxy (after taking off the rings and backs with a wire snippers). My kindergartner got one doorknob for his own (vintage rhinestones, shiny gold and silver buttons) and I got the other (see above).  I still wouldn’t mind if someone gave me sterling silver doorknobs, but I have to say, our doorknobs do have a shiny fairytale gaudiness now that I much admire. And my son thought it was the coolest craft project ever.

What trivial things have you cleverly avoided buying?




2 responses

12 07 2009

great money saving ideas- cheers

22 07 2009

I really like the idea of that pitcher. Generally what I do is I just take one of the $1 plastic ones from Bed Bath and Beyond and fill it with water, chill it, freeze it 1/2 way, then use that as my night/early morning water.(And yes, I do drink that much water! If there’s any left over, I use it on my plants.)

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