Don’t Buy (As Much Of) It: Electricity (Part 1)

21 04 2009

With people all over the planet, we celebrated Earth Hour on March 28th, from 8 to 9 p.m, by turning off all of our lights, computers, power strips, etc. for that one hour. We spent the time sitting in front of the woodstove (which yes, uses energy and emits carbon, but which is also our main — and where we live, sustainable — source of heat in winter and early spring), singing songs, telling stories, and cuddling. We were honestly astonished at how incredibly nice this small event — which cost nothing and involved no preparation or effort — was for our family, how much we enjoyed just being together in firelight, relaxing and doing things people have done at their leisure since the beginning of time.

So we made it a nightly event. We shortened it to 30 minutes, so that from 8:30 to 9, most nights, we shut off all of the lights and the computer, sit together in candlelight or firelight or under the stars outdoors, depending on the weather, and sing, cuddle, talk, or read stories. Then we get ready for bed. It doesn’t happen absolutely every night, or for all 30 minutes every night — sometimes the time gets away from us — but it has enormous advantages as a daily part of our routine. It punctuates our day and reminds us to slow down and enjoy each other and the beauty of our home and natural surroundings. It reminds us to go to bed in time, so that we are not exhausted when morning comes. And, it’s simply enjoyable.

Also, as my brother said when I mentioned it to him, it’s a very small gesture that could be multiplied into a huge impact. If everyone, everywhere, practiced “Earth Hour” for 30 minutes daily, think how much electricity, energy, and environmental cost could be saved.

So that is my challenge to you is to try it for one week and report back: Did you like it? Was it difficult? How could we convince others to do the same?




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