Don’t Buy It: Moisturizer

14 03 2009

Rosemary Gladstar has a recipe for what she calls “the perfect cream” (scroll down and click to see the recipe). I was a bit scared to try it because my experiments with homemade mayonnaise have never turned out, but this worked beautifully, was no trouble, and produced a wonderful, rich moisturizer that we’ve used all winter.

It was the first time I’d done something like this, so I followed her recipe exactly, choosing from among the options she suggests almond oil and cocoa butter for the oil base (because I had both on hand), and rose water and lavender essential oil for fragrance. If I had it to do all over again, I’d omit the lanolin; I didn’t care for the strong animal smell it gives off even in tiny quantities. The recipe made a large amount — 18-20 ounces or so; enough to keep a jar and make another one or two for gifts. Or enough to be piggy with the lotion all winter like we did, I suppose.

The advantage to making your own moisturizer is quality: this is an incredibly rich, pure, satisfying moisturizing cream. Our parched winter skins drink it in. Also, it can be minimal waste: Almost all of the ingredients she includes can be purchased at a coop in bulk form, in brought-from-home reused containers. Another benefit is being able to use food grade ingredients, and avoid unlisted, suspicious or known toxic ingredients in commercial moisturizers. I’m hoping to experiment with making it at least partly out of homegrown and/or farm purchased ingredients next summer: Beeswax, lanolin, aloe vera gel, and rosewater can all be got locally or made from the garden, although I’m having trouble imagining either liquid or solid fats local to Northern New England that would work in a face cream. (Lard? Butter? Sunflower oil? Hmmmm…. some R&D may be needed here.)




One response

22 07 2009

Cool idea. Regular plain olive oil works fine for a light moisturizer as well! The only time I use a real moisturizer is when my skin gets very dry and cracking in the winter. The only thing that helps it then is DermE eye cream. Over priced anti aging crap, but great for when my skin starts to crack. Only a little bit is needed. I had my middle aged mum test it on her eyes, and it didn’t do a thing for her light wrinkles.

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